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The Entomological Society of PA

The Entomological Society of Pennsylvania (ESP or EntSocPA) is one of the oldest entomological societies in the United States. The purpose of ESP is to promote the study of entomology at both the professional and amateur level.  We welcome all interested parties to join our society whether your interest lies in research, photography, collecting, or simply marveling over insects of all kinds. You can have a PhD in Entomology or no formal training at all.

ESP holds an annual conference each fall in Pennsylvania. We try to pick a new location around the state for each meeting to allow for equality in travel time for members attending the conference and to explore the various areas of this large state.  At one time, the Society published the Melsheimer Series, a journal of entomological interest.  Part of the Melsheimer series is now available on this website. Click the link on the right to go the the Melsheimer journals listing.

ESP also holds or participates in other events throughout the year. We try to hold at least one collecting trip per year to an area not normally accessible to insect collecting (usually Pennsylvania state parks). Participation in these collecting trips is not limited only to current members and their families. If you’d like to come out on a trip and see what we’re about, check out our Collecting Trips page. Members have also helped out at the Penn State Great Insect Fair, the Ned Smith Festival, and at other events around the state. If you’d like us to staff an informational booth or offer educational outreach at your next event, please contact us and we’ll see what we can do.


Association By-Laws

An Adobe PDF version of the Society by-laws may be read by clicking here.